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Welcome to a website totally devoted to the action/crime drama series, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.


Kwai Chang Caine, (named after his grandfather from the original series) is a Shaolin priest, living in a Buddhist temple, along with his young son, Peter, near the fictional town, Braniff. The town is located in Northern California. For many years, Caine ran the temple until he was challenged by a jealous priest (Dao), who urged the other priests to join him into becoming mercenaries. When Dao's plot failed, he blamed Caine was his defeat and swore vengeance. Caine, faced with no other option was forced to expel his former friend and blood brother from the temple. In retaliation, Dao returned, setting fire to the temple and destroying it. With so much destruction, and deaths, Caine and Peter were both mislead into believing the other had died.


Caine would wandered throughout the United States, doing odd jobs and meeting different people. Meanwhile, Peter was placed in an orphanage until he was fostered by Paul and Annie Blaisdell. There he grew up to become a police officer, following in his foster father's footsteps.


The series begins fifteen years after the destruction of the temple. Caine wanders into the Chinatown district of the city where the 101st precinct is located. Blaisdell is captain of the precinct, and Peter, one of many detectives, works under his command. The crime lord, Tan (Dao's alias), rules Chinatown with an ironclad grip. Neither he, nor the Caines, are aware of each other's existence.


Fanfiction is the heart of the website. Here fans keep the show alive. The archive is automated, giving writers complete control over their stories. At anytime a writer wishes to remove, update, or edit their stories, they may do so. 

With very lenient guidelines, writers have the complete freedom to write whatever their imagination inspires them. This gives readers a great variety of storylines, unique pairings, and odd plots that would make even the villains smile.

With that being said, please understand this archive hosts all types of genre KFTLC stories. Readers are strongly urged to heed all warnings, ratings, and classifications before accessing any story. Remember, everyone is welcome here.

Memorabilia are items, artwork, stories, photos, etc shared by fans of the show.


Memoriam - tributes to the fandom's fanfiction writers who are no longer with us.


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